Bacova Gardens, LLC


Bacova Gardens, LLC is proud to offer the American Classic BACOVA Mailbox. Since 1965, each box has been individually hand-crafted in historic Bath County, Virginia. The classic fiberglass mailbox is specially designed to resist wear and weather, and is custom made to order. The American Classic Mailbox has become a tradition in the industry and can be seen all over the United States - from coast to coast. With a wide array of beautiful designs to choose from, you can create your own individual mailbox, displaying your name and address. Here at Bacova Gardens, LLC, in addition to the Mailbox line, we also offer uniquely hand laminated Ice Buckets, Card Tables, Porch Boxes, Birdboxes, House Signs, Serving Trays, and Neverwear Mats. The Classic Mailbox is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, while the Oval mailboxes are offered in Small and Medium. Let these hand crafted products add that special "American Classic" touch to your home!